About our company

Carmel Heating & Plumbing began in 1976 when owner, Scott Perry completed his journeyman plumbing training program and then first began offering his own plumbing and heating services directly to the public as "Scott's Plumbing Service," in the Denver, Colorado area.  

In 1989 Scott Moved to Ann Arbor Michigan where he opened Washtenaw Plumbing and Heating (named after the county in which Ann Arbor is situated.)  Through until 2015, Mr. Perry continued to head Washtenaw Plumbing and Heating.  This company became one of the foremost plumbing companies in the Ann Arbor area, offering services to both city and county residences, as well as many of the fraternities in Ann Arbor (a university town.)  In 2015 Mr. Perry was invited to California by close friends requesting his assistance.  He has since moved to the Monterey Bay area where he now heads Carmel Heating & Plumbing in Carmel.

Through Carmel Heating & Plumbing Mr. Perry offers a wide variety of plumbing and heating skills, backed by 40 years worth of troubleshooting, diagnostic, and repair experience in the field.  He is also an expert in well system diagnosis and repair.  


Mr. Perry is also an avid Wikipedia editor, and recently expanded the Wikipedia article covering the Salinas River three-fold.  Did you know that tectonic plate geologists believe that the Salinas River was once a part of the Colorado River system?  To find out more amazing facts about the Salinas River, click on Wikipedia- Salinas River Article.  

In addition to experience with heating and plumbing related needs, Carmel Heating & Plumbing offers experience with well system diagnostics and repair, tankless water heater diagnostics and repair, radiant heat and boiler diagnostics and repair, and forced air diagnostics and repair.

No matter what your plumbing or heating problem may be, Carmel Heating & Plumbing will be happy to help you find the very best solution.

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